Last updated 1 Sept 2021

This report is prepared by KindyNow in collaboration with Kidsoft and uses booking data from 20 million bookings for over 1,200 Long Day Care services and located throughout Australia.

With this report’s data, Long Day Care operators can use the averages to benchmark their performance against that of the sector. 

The report provides insights as to the national, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria occupancy averages. It also provides an insight into what percentage of all bookings are casual bookings.

National Occupancy Average

The National Occupancy Average is calculated for Long Day Care bookings only. 

Long Day Care bookings include both permanent and non-permanent extra day bookings (also known as casual bookings).  

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) bookings are excluded from the occupancy calculation. 

Occupancy is calculated as the total bookings divided by total licensed places for the relevant period.

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State Occupancy Averages

The State Occupancy Averages are calculated using the same method as that for the national occupancy average. 

Click on the chart to interact and see the precise occupancy percentage for each State or Territory for each month. 

Northern Territory, ACT and Tasmania were excluded because the sample size of Long Day Care services was too small to draw an insight.

Casual Booking Average

The Casual Booking Percentage is calculated as the total casual bookings divided by the total bookings.

A casual booking is a once off booking and is also commonly known as a non-permanent extra day booking. 

The casual booking percentage is calculated on a national basis and uses booking data for all States and Territories. 

Similarly to the occupancy calculations, OSHC bookings were also excluded when calculating the casual booking percentage.

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