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Marking absences and updating rolls is 100% automated with KindyNow and available for FREE to all Kidsoft customers.

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Every 40 seconds a child is marked absent with KindyNow.

Automate attendance tracking and roll updates

Absences notified by families instantly update on your rolls in Kidsoft and the reasons for absences are tracked.

Make it easy for families to notify absent

Families can instantly notify absences from their mobile phone in under 10 seconds from anywhere, at any time.

Send reminders to reduce no shows

Send automated reminders to increase absent notifications and save you time chasing up no shows.

"KindyNow has been AMAZING in helping us stay on top of which of our families are attending and which are self-isolating. They even have a self-isolating option when families are marking absences."‚Äč
Alex Spencer
Operations Manager - Everlearn Preschool

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